Full Muaythai Training

Full Muaythai training with Darius Spinning Elbows

Darius is our professional Muaythai instructor responsible for our full muaythai training videos. He has his own Monsoon Gym & Fight Club in Koh Tao Thailand. In this video, you will get a full muaythai training lesson, you can either do at home as a muaythai home workout, or you can use it to fill a full 60 minute muaythai training and teach it to your students. In this muaythai workout, we are focusing on spinning elbows. First we have some general Warmup with Skipping ropes, Burpees, Lunges, Jumpsquats and Pushups.

The main part of the muaythai workout consists of partnerdrills. You can either do it with a partner or on the heavybag by yourself. Usually as muaythai trainer, you will have lots of students around to pair up with. Darius will teach four muaythai techniques focusing on elbows and kicks.

The Cooldown of our full muaythai training consists of several conditioning exercises.


Cheat Sheet

1. Skipping ropes (2 minutes)
2. 10x Burpees
3. Skipping ropes (2 minutes)
4. 20x Lunges
5. Skipping ropes (2 minutes)
6. 10x Pushups
7. Skipping ropes (2 minutes)
8. 10x Jumpsquats

Shadowboxing (5 minutes)

Partnerdrills (3 minutes each for 3 rounds)
Technique 1:
Boxer#1: One + Two + step in with left knee + come around and right spinning elbow + turn back right elbow + right knee
Technique 2:
Boxer#1: Jab + uppercut + left elbow + cross + right knee
Technique 3:
Boxer#1: One + Two + Right roundhousekick
Boxer#2: Grabs and slides roundhousekick + right knee in belly + push leg around and roundhousekick head
Technique 4:
Boxer#1: Double jab + left frontkick + right knee + right roundhousekick body

Conditioning (1 minute each with 30 seconds res)
1. Normal planque from elbows
2. Spider planque from elbows
3. Superman planque from elbows
4. Piped planque from elbows
5. Dipster planque from elbows (turn hip left & right)

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