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Full Muaythai Training

Full Muaythai training with Darius Spinning Elbows Darius is our professional Muaythai instructor responsible for our full muaythai training videos. He has his own Monsoon Gym & Fight Club in Koh Tao Thailand. In this video, you will get a full muaythai training lesson, you can either do at home as a muaythai home workout, or you can use it to fill a full 60 minute muaythai training and teach it to your students. In this muaythai workout, we are …

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Full boxing training; complete boxing training

Full Boxing Training

Full 60 MINUTE BOXING WORKOUT on the heavy bag This boxing lesson consists of: Warmup Heavy bag drills Conditioning exercises Summary Video More Boxing videos Our misson Our mission at trainbless.com is to save martial art trainers massive time by providing Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai training videos, which usually last for 5 – 10 minutes and fill a full 60 minute training session.  The biggest Problem of Boxing trainers One of the biggest problems of all boxing trainers is …

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