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Example videos

We are focusing on Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai to have a mixed martial art training.


Svetoslav is our professional Boxing instructor. He is National Boxing Champion in Bulgaria and teaches in his own Boxing Gym since 2010.

Coordination drill
Round 1: Left + Right + Left down + Right + Left + Right down
Round 2: same above backwards
Round 3: Right + slip right + slip left + Left
Round 4: Three straight punches + Hook + Slip left + Slip right
Round 5: same above backwards
Round 6: Three straight punches + slip left + slip right

Heavybag with resistance band and gloves (3 min per round)
Round 1:
Jab + slip left + left upper cut to the body + left hook
Round 2: Cross + slip right + cross + left hook
Round 3: Jab + slip left + left hook + cross
Round 4: Cross + slip right + right upper cut body + left hook
Round 5: Jab + slip left + left upper cut body + right upper cut body + left hook
Round 6: Cross + slip right + right upper cut body + left upper cut body + right hook
Round 7: Jab + slip left + jab + cross + left hook
Round 8: Right upper cut body + right slip + cross + left hook + cross
Round 9: For 2 rounds -> 30 seconds straight punches + 30 seconds power punches
Round 10: 30 seconds straight punches + 30 seconds move around heavybag, slip & swipe

Conditioning Navy seal (50x)
Burpees with mountain climber knee kicks

Muay Thai Lessons

Darius is our professional Muay Thai instructor and runs his Monsoon Gym & Fight Club in Koh Tao Thailand.

1. Skipping ropes
2. Shadow boxing (5 minutes)

Heavybag (each round 3 minutes with 1 minute break)
Round 1: Light & clean: One + Two + left hook body + right lowkick
Round 2: More power: One + Two + right hook body + left lowkick
Round 3: Full power: One + Two + left hook body + right lowkick

Round 4: Light & clean: Left hook + switch stance + left roundhousekick body + Cross + right elbow
Round 5: More power same combination
Round 6: Full power same combination

Round 7: Light & clean: Blocking with left knee + stepping in + right knee + right elbow + left elbow + left knee + right knee
Round 8: More power same combination
Round 9: Full power same combination

Endurance 100:
1. 100x frontkicks on heavybag left + right (keeping bag behind centerpoint)
2. 100x knees left + right
3. Walk while throwing 100x high knees

Core strength
1. Planque (1 min with 30 seconds break for 3 rounds)
2. Mountain climbers (100x)
3. Supermans with feet and hands of the floor (100x)
4. Bicycles with elbows touching knees (100x)
5. Scissor kicks (50x)
6. Flutter kicks (50x)

Kickboxing Lessons

Dennis Smd is German National Champion and Vice WorldCup Champion in Fullcontact Kickboxing. He is responsible for our Kickboxing lessons.

Warmup Game 1:
1. Fighters sitting down with spreaded legs
2. Last fighter gets up and steps over their legs.

Warmup Game 2:
1. Fighters arching their back
2. Last fighter jumps over

Heavybag Light (2 minutes with 1 minute break; 3 rounds)
Light kicks on the heavybag with all combinations

Reaction drill (Fighter has to throw combination when trainer is giving signal)
Each round 2 minutes with 1 minute break.
Round 1: Throw left or right kick as fast as possible
Round 2: Throw either double kick or single kick
Round 3: Throw double or single kick depens if trainer is giving double or single signal

Technique (each partner 2 minutes)
Partner#1: Throws roundhousekick to all levels
Partner#2: Blocks kick with palm and counter kicks

Strength (1,5 – 3kg dumbbells) each exercise 30 seconds with 10 seconds break
1. Butterflies backwards
2. Triceps dips upwards
3. Straight punches
4. Hooks left + right
5. Uppercuts
6. Rowing with arching over
7. Burpees with 4 punches

What you will get

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Boxing Lessons


Bulgarian National Boxing Champion.
Won ‘Golden Glove’ Tournament in Serbia.
Participated in many international Tournaments.
Trainer & Boxgym owner since 2010.

Dennis Smd

Kickboxing Lessons


German National Champion Kickboxing.
Vice WorldCup Champion Innsbruck.
German Trophy Winner.
4x Bavarian Champion.
2x South German Champion.
Trainer since 2016


Muay Thai Lessons


Darius runs his own Monsoon Gym & Fight Club in Koh Tao Thailand and is responsible for our most authentic Muaythai videos. He trains professional native Muaythai Fighters in Thailand.